Bad Neighbors Prompted Us to Move and We Could Not Be Happier!

We have this thing we do whenever life hits us with something we do not like. We get out a nice big yellow legal pad and write down the problem and potential solutions. The problem we had was some troubling neighbors in our old place. We have since moved to some really nice apartments that were actually well within our housing budget, and it is something that turned out very well even though it did not start out that way.

We had become disillusioned with the property management place that controlled the building we used to live in. The place was not keeping up with renovations, and they were letting pretty much anyone move in. We ended up with neighbors next to us that were awful. They were rude, foul-mouthed and even threatening. I had asked the man if they could turn down the music a bit as it was late and I had to be up early for work. He got really angry and we almost got into it. I can hold my own, but this guy seemed to be a bit off his rocker.

My wife got out the legal pad and we wrote down the problem. We also wrote down any solution that came to mind. Well, I was blowing off steam and we had some humorous options of how to deal with our unfriendly new neighbor, but the best option for us was to move to a better place. If management was going to let this place get run down, then that was on them. We decided to move to The Regency in Lookout Canyon, and we have not had a problem since.

The new place is great! We enjoy the fresh modern kitchen and the huge closets. We have space for everything! This place allows pets, and we have been wanting to adopt a senior dog from a shelter for some time now. Most people want puppies, but our heart is to give a nice home to a senior dog that needs a stable home. Now we have the ability to do that. This is an all around win for us, so our unfriendly neighbor at the old place did us a favor in getting us to look for a new place.